new moon november 070.NEF


Beneath the moon,

my soul revealed,

the shadows fall away.

No need to hide

the wounds inside

cowering before the day.

Delicate touch,

the Goddess caress,

to heal the bleeding heart.

It sears my skin

as the darkness within

reluctantly departs.

Dancing light

that woos, consoles,

satisfies  desire.

The hunger cries

within my eyes,

flames of endless fire.

Cool me now,

as I dance with you,

a lilting gypsy tune

and sail away

with the stars that play

in the house of

Silver Moon.

Cheryl KP

copyright photo and words



10 thoughts on “Revealed

  1. Cheryl, on youtube recently I stumbled across some videos about the moon, and it is being somehow… It’s hard to explain there were a few theories. If you maybe search “Moon Hologram” it will lead to some interesting videos. Apparently some of the vids are being censored/removed which is usually a sign that there may be something true within them.


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