She Toils

best hummingbird EVER sept 2014 012.NEF

She Toils

Toiling till the race is run
a woman’s work is never done.
But undone,
skyward flung
in reckless abandon.
Still she toils
to repair the spoils
before dusk
with movement brusque
‘ere she be called lusk
before evening’s heady musk
descends all around.
No wonder she, without remorse
devours mate, a delicate course
with appreciation
for the copulation
so a new generation
will join life’s creation
and toil, or be devoured.

Cheryl Kp
2014 copyright.


12 thoughts on “She Toils

    1. Hello Sharukh! How are you my friend? Thank you so much for leaving me a note. I’m glad you liked the poem. She is truly an enigma, hanging there in her golden kingdom. Have a great week!


      1. I am doing well, Cheryl. Oh come on don’t thank. I am already ashamed of not reading all the content you and other guys come up with, but I am taking some time out to keep up with you all. Stay connected 🙂


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