The Fall/A Poem of Love


Daniel’s Redemption

art by Cheryl KP

The Fall

So far down, the fall from Grace-


So long now, since I’ve seen your face-


A jagged line brought me to this place,

my footprints too scattered now to retrace.

The stars beyond Eternity’s door

glowed brightly, more brilliant than ever before…

I leapt!

Soaring, grasping, my soul did yearn

to own them all before they could burn

themselves out.

My folly to think I could capture such light.

How they singed my soul and blinded my sight.

I plummeted!

Wings broken, I fell to the Earth,

such wonder and innocence in that moment of birth.

Arising I brushed the dust from my hands,

my feathers were strewn to faraway lands..


The days, months and years that came..

each life a new body, fresh hope, different name

how I wearied.

Feathers return now;  they always appear

when I, broken-hearted, succumb to my fear

of abandonment.

Collecting them all, perhaps I could try

to fashion new wings and take to the sky…

so endless!

..What did you say, Father?

(My heart beats fast!)

I can hear you smile, Mother.

(You’ve come at last!)

“Dear Child of Life, though you lost your sight,

as you sought this illusion through innocent flight;

your steps have been counted,

your tears have been ours

as you crawled from the gutters

into ivory towers

that crumbled.

Never alone, though your soul merely slept,

we laughed when you triumphed and cried as you wept.

Repair your wings if you feel you must

and know the truth in which you must trust.

Your wings are mere props,

for you see how they failed

to keep you aloft as your mind was assailed

by delusion.

Illusion, delusion, confusion


The voices, the choices, the

deafening sounds

of a life…

many lives.

Return as you wish, simply cease to believe

the whispers of darkness that seek to deceive.

When you tire of playing within the dream,

the way so much simpler than it would seem.

Accept that you were never alone,


 we’ve walked your path together as one.

Never apart, except in your thought.

We wielded the sword in the battles you fought.

Lay it aside, no more demons to slay.

Remember the Garden where you used to play?”

Too weary to think, my mind is numb; and

 shedding  this form, now so cumbersome.

Why was I so afraid, Father?


fearing I would fade, Mother,

to shed this cloak?

“Now you know the truth, child.

Eternity waits for you, child.

Come home.”

The weight is gone as I leave the rock,

so much I have done as I take stock.

Still  looking back on life I wonder….

did I walk that scarlet meadow, yonder?

Perhaps when I have tired of play…

I say!

Aren’t my new wings lovely?

Cheryl KP

February  2014


22 thoughts on “The Fall/A Poem of Love

    1. Hi Elizabeth! So nice to see you. Thanks for taking time to visit. Im really glad Sharukh sent you to my blog as well. Glad you enjoyed the poem. I have met so many new friends I thought maybe I should pull some of my earlier posts forward. 😊


  1. Thanks for sharing this Cheryl – I think this is from before I was following you, or, somehow, I missed it. I love: “Eternity waits for you, child.” – I think it puts things in perspective, because we are children. Very, very nice!


  2. My folly to think I could capture such light.

    How they singed my soul and blinded my sight.

    I love these lines– they relate to something that the protagonist is going through in my WIP right now.


  3. Of course, your new wings are lovely. With so much hope, what wouldn’t be? Forgiveness, hope, restoration or redemption, and love are some of the themes I find developed in the poem; the human condition, as a general concept, is brilliantly depicted with metaphor and symbolism; the illusion of light at the end of Eternity, the temptation to capture them all, the fall, the weariness and fear of abandonment, and then the hope, the love, and finally the redemption can be interpreted to depict the collapse of innocence and the struggle thereafter to redeem oneself and the final acceptance into the holy realms. The poem is a success.


    1. Thank you for reading the poem. Yes, those are the things that I wanted to express about the cycle of physical life. I am so pleased you understood the message. I am continually seeking to understand the nature of our struggles in this life of illusion. I just know that we are not alone although we often feel that way. Thank you again.


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