Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

The Story Continues

by Cheryl Pennington


Hello and welcome to another week!  I am posting this afternoon to share more of my story-our story, a story of humankind.  It is a fictional story by nature;  but I believe in the truth of its message.  My story focuses on the duality of our human nature, the reason for our searching, and the source of our fears.  Its characters struggle, fear, hurt, heal and question-as we all do.  My greatest hope is that through their own searching and discovery, that others may find the answers they seek as well.  Of course, the only true source of Knowledge lies within Eternity; and my own belief is that Eternity lives within each of us. I hope you will take the time you read my words.  If you missed the first two installments, just look for the black and white bird logo in the archives or the title Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion.  If you have any thoughts or ideas please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light,


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

IV Bandia
  Bandia, created by Inion, carried within her a very intense Love for her Mother. Her own Light was brilliant both within and without, intensified with the separation. Also intensified was the lack of order, the tendency for disregarding caution; and within her was born a strong desire to please.  She knew nothing yet of the pain of separation or jealousy.  Inion did well in drawing from the strongest parts of her own core, lit with Eternal Light.  She insisted the Goddess should remain in constant counsel with her Creator, and in this way both felt deep love for one another.  Mor’s daughter  was full of joy from such an experience; for now she understood the fulfillment her own Creator desired and came to experience.
  Bandia, being formed from both Spirit and matter from the world of Dohman, was able to move easily between both realms with ease, allowing Inion to explore her physical world through the Goddess she had created. There was an abundance of everything upon Dohman.  All living things moved through a cycle of existence there and did, in time, expire; but so carefully had Inion balanced her creation that new was formed from old as the cycles continued on so that all was all and remained abundant.
  Inion commanded Bandia not to Create from within her own Essence, but consented that she could bring new life forms to Dohman, drawn from the essence and form of the world’s energy. In this way she would enrich the life she knew and bring joy to her own existence there. Inion was careful to inspire in her goddess the desire to commune with Great Spirit, the Original Creator, so that she would be comforted by Unconditional Love and benefit from its guidance.
  Bandia understood these things; and while she remained in Inion’s presence in the place of Eternal Light, she easily communed with Mor. All too soon, however, she realized that when she walked upon Dohman she could no longer hear Inion as strongly.  Worse than this, it was nearly impossible to hear the Thought of Great Spirit while on the world’s surface; and connection was most often through Inion, robbing it of the closeness she knew while in the Realm.  The Goddess decided it must be something in the way the physical was created, a kind of interruption in the energy field between the realms.  Fearing separation, she spent much of her existence in the World of Essence and Light-to keep her connection strong.
Mor could always hear, sense and feel all of Its Creation,  no matter where they were. It was disturbed that they seemed unable to hear Its voice of comfort when away from the Realm of Eternity. Still, as long as there was communion, the arrangement was accepted. Through Inion, Bandia was able to know and experience Mor’s presence and counsel in all ways.  And so it would be that the Feminine grew stronger.
V Son of Mac
  Mac felt pleased with himself for the victory he was certain he had won over his Twin and at once began his own new Creation. He observed his sister’s handiwork in Bandia; and although he would have treasured (somewhere deep inside) her assistance with his own design, his perceived wound was all too fresh to allow this inner voice of truth to be acknowledged.
  He considered his twin’s creation.  Bandia embodied Beauty and Light, and she Created things on Dohman that even Inion was delighted and surprised by.  The Light of Eternity was in all things there on her world of color.
  In direct opposition, the dark tendril creeping towards consciousness within Mac began to thrive and wind still farther up as Envy began to awaken there.  Instead of following the urge to commune with his Twin soul whom he loved dearly, He chose to work alone, vowing to somehow be more than his Sister. He would show his own perfection through his new Creation. That would impress Spiorad Mor, thus filling the empty space deep within Mac’s core and easing the Pain of Separation that had begun its dark journey throughout his essence. If he did not prove more worthy, he reasoned to himself, he would always remain “less than” in the Thought of His Mother. His fear turned to anger as he thought of his twin in jealousy; and the vines grew thorny fingers.
  Retreating into isolation, He withdrew from communion and began his task, consoling himself, “My Son will be my greatest work. Even Inion will have to acknowledge my superior Creation, and Mor will see that I am capable of so much more than she is.”  This Son, thought Mac, would be drawn from the strength of his own Essence.  He would be Magnificent, terribly beautiful, and more powerful than anything yet created.
  “He will be my faithful companion, a loving servant, and will rule my Dohman is Gra’-my World most Loved. He will display unyielding Power, Strength and Greatness!”  the son of Mor proclaimed.  After all, he reasoned to himself, this Son would be fashioned in Mac’s own Image, and this was how he chose to recognize himself.
  In this error, in this place where Mac did not see the All that He Was, was born a new Perception.  Mor observed this new spoke in the burgeoning Wheel of Consciousness with interest.  As always, It sent out Unconditional Love to Its Son, but in his state of anger and pain, Mac no longer easily sensed or absorbed His Creator’s Love.  (There seemed to be a dimming in their connection, ever so slight….)
  With certainty of his success, Mac drew in the breath of Eternity, calling the physical Essence from across his world. Granules of dark matter and glimmering mists surrounded by veils of gray and shadow emerged, for that was what he had created there. These would provide the strength within his new Creation.
  The Son of Mor, in his desire to outshine his Twin, had denied his admiration for her colorful world and had, instead, painted his own World in exact opposites, using only shades of darkness. The things which grew there did not need much Light. One single orb, a Moon, was hung above its surface.  This was bright enough to sustain life there but would never encourage any of the color and brilliance which defined Inion’s Dohman.  He vowed that his Son would have total dominion over his world to create there as he pleased.
   Eternal Love remained alive deep within Mac, and he longed to feel it strongly once more; yet he couldn’t accept his Mother’s attempts to repair the emptiness he felt with more Eternal Love, so he turned to another source.  The love that he now longed for would come from his own  Creation. Love, Adoration, Communion and Companionship.  How could it not be so, once his Mac an Mor, Son of the Creator, could see his own Father’s greatness? When this truth was known, he would surely respond with much gratitude and obedience, and be all this and more to his Father.
  From this place of Pride and Resentment, Mac called forth his Son, not filling him with the Light of Eternity, but from all that he felt surging within. Mimicking his Twin, he imbued the God with the ability to move between Eternity and His physical world so that Mac might enjoy and know his own creation. As the vapors receded, the form of Mac en Mor began to rise from the shadows, ascending high above Mac’s world.  In silvery black ribbons of mist  he began to move across the surface of the dark mass, gathering energy from all that he touched. His dark presence was captivating, and Mac became filled with the ecstasy of creation.
  Hopelessly enthralled with the display of power that moved before him, Mac failed to see the effect of the Emotion with which he was creating.  The Essence he drew was from too near the empty space; and all too late did the son of Mor remember that his own Son’s Essence would not be complete without the Light of Eternity.   He tried to ignore the source within himself, for he felt no power in the Light;  and in his innocence,  he did not value it.  There was already much Light in Eternity, he reasoned, as he continued to allow the dark form to gain dark strength as it came into being.
 From the seat of his soul’s memory arose his deep desire to please his Mother and he relented.  So it was that with a hasty afterthought he went deeply within Himself, drawing from that well of Hope just waiting to be dipped into. The Unconditional Love that was born in him was still there, waiting for its owner to call forth the Light from its bosom, and he succumbed.  As it began its journey upward through his being, Mac felt gloriously warm and comforted by its touch and wept with joy in the moment.
  As Eternity’s Light touched the tiny black tendrils that slowly climbed upwards through his being, they shrank from its brilliance; but as soon as it passed, they stealthily continued their death march up from the shadows towards his Consciousness.  Once the Light left Mac to enter his Son, the euphoria left him as well; and the imbalance within him returned. He could have gone within again to retrieve as much Light as would give him comfort. Perhaps that would have given him reason to pause before bringing this Creation into being.  Sadly, the sensation of Power became the victor that welcomed Mac’s Son to life.
Now they will see my greatness,” he consoled himself.
  As the newborn god unfurled in shadows of slate black and darkest blue, rising higher and higher until he stood nearly Essence to Essence with his own Father, he drew in his first breath. Feeling the fiery heat of his soul coming to life accompanied by the pain of power rippling throughout his being, the Son of Mac let out a mighty, aching groan.  So great was the vibration from his cry that it shook the very extremes of Eternity and was felt throughout the Realm, most devastatingly on the lovely world of Dohman.
  There upon the its magnificent surface, as Inion and Bandia looked on in horror, great chasms were rent across its face, while all manner of living thing was destroyed. The skies above Dohman turned black, trembling as they cracked open and cried in torrents, thus causing the oceans and rivers to spill over their borders and consume the lands that had surrounded them for eons.  The stars and moons fell from the heavens, extinguishing the light of Inion’s world in a cruel instant.  Dohman was suddenly plunged into darkness.
  Bandia barely escaped to Eternity to seek comfort and safety.  Her Mother, already aware of what was happening to the Dohman she had created, sensed through their strong connection that somehow her twin was involved. She could feel his essence within the destruction. Why had he done this thing to Her?  Had she not Loved him enough?  Her thoughts groped desperately for an explanation; and she cried out to Spiorad Mor for the answers, while deep within her own essence the small, empty space was widening, introducing a new sensation.
  Now her Fear of Separation was joined by something else.  The empty space was broadened as Disappointment and Rejection were born. Inion’s Consciousness registered these sensations and transformed them into her own Perceptions.  No amount of Light and Unconditional Love that was sent to comfort Her could quiet the lying voices within. Mor sent Its Love to them over and over, yet it seemed to fall away rather than reaching the young souls.
  Again there arose an unsettling Sensation for Great Spirit, but it was simply another to add to the growing collection that It was experiencing.  Mor’s greatest desire, from the place of Its Unconditional Love, was to remove the tendrils from Mac’s soul and to fill up the empty space that was growing within Inion; but It understood that the greatest gift of Creation was free will.  Mor could not deny them these experiences. It knew only love and the desire for each to have all that they could imagine, thus increasing awareness for the All that Was.And so it continued…

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