Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion-A Continuation


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Original novel by Cheryl Pennington


The legacy of Creation Continues..

Hello and welcome back if you are returning to continue the story with me.  If you are just joining in, please check out the first two posts which begin the novel. I hope you enjoy the story and will continue to read as I post additional chapters.  I invite you to please leave me any feedback or comments you would like to share.  Thank you for taking time to come here.  I hope you find something that inspires, interests or even amuses you.  This story represents the insights I have received in my search to make sense of life, its struggles and our continued journey “back to perfect peace.”

Love and Light,


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington, copyright 2013

II  Loneliness

  Inion and Mac, being made in Mor’s image, also mirrored It’s new desires. Eventually they, too, became lonely, having only one another to commune with. Neither realized they were truly two halves of a whole.  They were in deep communion always with the Source; but in time each longed to know themselves apart, as had The Creator. They ached to experience their own greatness and feel the same love they expressed for Great Spirit. Inion continued to create marvelous living things upon her Dohman, using the energy of Eternity as She had been instructed. Bright orbs surrounded her world, silvery and brilliant, that kept it aglow with Light for Mor to see.  Soon, however, the overwhelming sense of emptiness consumed her Essence.

When she could stand it no longer, she put her desire into motion without consulting Mor and decided to create something new, something from within her own essence, as she knew her own Creator had done.  It was a thing neither Twin had tried before. It had never even been considered, for Mor was content to be loved by Its Children. It never realized they would inherit Its sense of loneliness and desire to be looked upon as It was- with Love and Adoration. It’s own love for them filled it so. The Creator did not anticipate this sensation to manifest within them also; but what was anticipation as of yet in this Time before Time, within the All that Was?

So it was that in secret (or so She thought), Inion created a Female Essence. In Spirit it was created in her own Image, with her own essence; but this essence was mingled with energy from Inion’s physical world of Dohman so that her new Creation could experience both the eternal and physical realms. In this way she would watch over Inion’s Creation while being able to move throughout Eternity with her Mother as well. This Essence had an even stronger Feminine core than Inion, for she was created from the fullest portion of her mother’s soul and, as such, was bright with the Light of Unconditional Love.  What remained hidden yet was that also present within her creation was the empty space; and it became even stronger in this new separation from the Original Source.

Inion called her creation-her Goddess, Bandia.  This Goddess would care for all living things on Dohman and be able to walk there among all of its creatures. As Watcher of the physical world, she could mingle with its energy in ways that Inion was not able to do as pure Essence.  Bandia was given the power of transformation to be able to move between the two realms, both physical and Spirit, at will.  She was instructed to govern Inion’s world with Love and Light and she would be allowed to walk there forever in Peace, if only she would continue to commune with her Mother Essence. This communion required but a Thought, shared in an instant, and so it was.

III Jealousy

Mac observed his twin’s workings with great interest, and in secret (or so He Thought). Great was his admiration for her newest creation, but jealous was the darkness growing higher and curling more tightly around the core of Light which was the Original Essence from where he had come.  Mac saw that Inion created her Goddess without consulting Mor-in secret.  But what did he understand of things, really?
Mor always knew all, observed all, absorbed all. For this is why It had begun to Create. It would not have denied her had she requested.  What would have been different, of course, was that with her Creator’s instruction and Love, they would have continued to create together and perhaps the Light of Eternity would have been fortified.  Or perhaps not.

Mac then committed the first act of Deception there in that realm of Unconditional Love, both guilelessly and without reason.  The Son of Light went to Mor, accusing his twin of creating new Essence from within herself without first consulting with her own Creator. In his infancy as a soul, he had not yet learned reason. In his jealousy he demanded to be allowed do the same, for were they not both from the one? Why had His twin been allowed to Create and not He himself?  Although there had been no error, no slight to Its Son, Mor could not deny the logic of his desires. Caring only for what Its Leanai desired, The Creator of course consented.

Mac was satisfied and pleased with himself, but what the Creator felt was different.  A shift in the Light within,  Disappointment became Great Spirit’s new sensation, but it was not a pleasing one.  Perhaps It could stop the dark thing which wound ever upward in Its Son by sending more Love and….It would watch, as always.

Mor had, of course, observed Inion creating the Goddess of her world with detached interest; however, once Mac expressed the pain of omission that he felt, the Creator went to Its daughter.  It wanted all for its children that they desired, but now had to advise Its daughter of her error in creating without first consulting with the Source. “All must be considered in the act of Creation, and you are still a young soul.  You must come to me before bringing anything else like this into existence. I have great love for you and for all that is coming into being, whatever it may be. Let us Create together in that Love.”

Inion could not deny the practical sense her Creator made and was at once filled with her own sensation. With true regret she would agree to whatever her Father suggested.  Deep within, however, in that place where the Original Separation occurred, was the empty space.  It was the one place where the Light was absent; and it was there that she felt a pang of hurt, the first thing outside of deep Love She had known.  Her Father was disappointed in her and She now felt a new sensation-that of separation. She wanted it to go away.

The Light was very strong in her, so she vowed to never disappoint Him again. She would always go to Him as requested and would do anything to feel His Love, forgetting that it was always there without the need to do anything at all.  The empty space widened and deepened ever so slightly with this new conscious thought as Fear gave birth to her great desire to please; and to feed this desire provided much comfort for Her.  It was from this lowly place that Inion began Her perceived journey back to perfect Peace.

All of these things Mor observed, absorbed and contemplated. How magnificent were Its Creations. How wonderful to not be alone any longer!  Mor considered Inion’s goddess, Bandia, and wondered about her development.  Now aware of the subtle rift within Its own original Creations as they were drawn from the one and split into two, It was uncertain what new and irreversible changes might come with more separations from Original Essence.

For now the Creator was content to be touched by so many sensations, such adoring Children.  It knew only Love for All.  It absorbed everything, and it knew and felt what Each one outside of Itself was experiencing, each in their own individual way.  This added richness to Its own Awareness…


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