Wet Cement



I chose this title over several other options which came to mind when my idea “hit” me-in the middle of the night. When I had to move to the sofa and away from the snoring bear. 🙂 When my mind clicked along like a computer set to continuously search for data. Any data. I write book chapters, think of recipes, pray, count, solve problems and have major epiphanies-all of which too often disappear when sleep finally finds me once more and sweeps across my mind like a giant cyclone, scattering my thoughts and even devouring a few.

I considered the title “autograph”, a word reminiscent of those little leatherette bound books we used to carry around in the hopes of obtaining scribbles from friends and secret loves; but I decided many of you out there wouldn’t even know what those things were.

My next thought was “guest book” but that conjured up formal events like weddings and, on a more solemn note, online funeral sites. Not the moods I wanted to set at all.

Then I remembered that most of us want to leave our mark somewhere, somehow. I have seen the wisdom from people of all ages etched in the bark of trees, scratched on bathroom stalls and spray painted on city bridge pilings, brick buildings and concrete walls.  Who hasn’t left words of wisdom or well wishes in the wet sand only to have the tides roll in eventually to wash their thoughts out to sea.

birthday greetings in the sand mikey

Just the other day, while out on my walk, I saw a bit of history in the sidewalk-a pair of hand prints with a date etched above them. Wet cement!  The picture flashed through my mind and I had this idea. I would put up a page where others who happen to be stopping by could drop a line, leave their mark, make a quick statement or just smile! So, here it is. This is your page, your place to write on the sidewalk, post a bit of graffiti art, carve your name in the tree or share a thought. I only ask you not to offend or go on any tirade. I would love to hear from you! If I were going to have a headstone when I died, I would want it to read simply,



What do you think?

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