Chewing on Sugar Cane and Shooting Pop Guns

What a great nudge down memory lane for me. I know there are more Chinaberry chunking, popgun toting sugarcane chewers out there who would love this. Check it out!

Cajun Food, Louisiana History, and a Little Lagniappe

Pop GunA few days ago, I was sitting in the office here at The Cabin Restaurant, replying to emails and answering phone calls when Al Robert, the owner of the restaurant walked in. Al has lived here in the Burnside area for over 60 years, well before the area became industrially developed. He often likes to reminisce about how things used to be, especially how simple things were in the past compared to today.

Last Friday, Al’s eye came to rest on a basket of hand-carved wooden pop-guns. The basket was one of several items that had been cleaned out of the Firehouse over at The Cajun Village in anticipation of a new tenant’s arrival. Al picked up one of the pop-guns and asked if I knew what it was. It looked rather foreign to me, as I had grown up in a younger generation than Al, a generation that…

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